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“Edgewater – Tamaki Estuary”, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Artist: Heléne Henare

Year: 2017
Dimensions: 1.220 mm H x .910 mm W x .35mm D
Media: Acrylic Paint
Framed: 1
Painted On: Boxed Stretch Canvas

This was a commission painting where the client requested a water scene.  They are situated very close to the Tamaki Estuary and it’s waterways run into a creek behind them.  It is a representational artpiece, taking several elements that are found around the Estuary.  The creek in the foreground is representative of the creek inlets that can be found on either side of the Estuary including the Pakuranga area.  The Estuary is full of wonderful birdlife and beautiful fauna.  The Pukeko, Flax, grasses and Cabbage trees are strong elements to be found around the Estuary.  A lot of artist’s license has been used to give the feeling of the creek looking out through the river and out to sea, Browns Island and Musick Point.